Our (His)Story

In 2015, an idea was born. We came up with a plan and started the ball in motion to launch a small business grounded in artistic expression and aimed towards all ages. With a vision for enriching lives, adding more fun to our community, and creating connection through social art experiences in mind, the first steps were taken to get Chalk Car Creations off the ground! Unfortunately, very shortly after the car was prepped and readied for artists, it was struck by another driver on the road. The accident was a total loss. Just like that, our chalkboard car was gone and our vision came to a screeching halt. Life continued around us and we re-directed our focus to other areas.

Two years later, near the end of 2017, with great determination to see this project through, our idea to connect people through impermanent art was refined, re-named, and reborn. We prepped another car (our 2010 Honda Insight) and excitement grew! Our chalkboard car was on its way to bring art, fun, and music to artists of all aptitudes and all ages in the Tampa area!!

We bring to you all our long-awaited, much-anticipated, Tampa Chalk Car: Mobile Art Experiences, Advertising, Music, and More!!!

"If at first...

...you don't succeed...

...try, try again!"

Our (His)Story...Part 2

All good stories contain dramatic elements that are not 100% predictable. Ours is no different. On December 30, 2017, Tampa Chalk Car made it's first official public pop-up appearance. One day before the event, our newly prepped chalkboard car was struck.on.the.road by another driver! AGAIN!! Really and truly! We were in total shock!! This was really happening to us...it wasn't just a bad dream!! With our spirits just a touch dampened, we pressed on with minor adjustments at our very first appearances (and will be completing some car repairs very soon). We kept our vision in our hearts and minds as we looked forward to a fun, colorful, and exciting future. Our hope is for Tampa Chalk Car to bring art and joy to all who create with us!! Thank you to all of the artists we have come across and the ones we have yet to meet!