Community Pop-Up-Chalk-Ups

Tampa Chalk Car is dedicated to bringing art, music, and fun to artists of all ages, all aptitudes, and all abilities! 

We all have ART in our HEART...with help from sponsors in our community, Tampa Chalk Car is able to pop up around town to share the fun! "We All Chalk N' Roll!"

Community Pop-Up-Chalk-Ups are 90 minute chalk car social art experiences that are held in open-to-the-public spaces, and are aimed at providing all populations in the greater Tampa area with fun and free art and music. Community Pop-Up-Chalk-Ups can be hosted at libraries, parks, community centers, non-profits, etc...  

Who can sponsor a Community Pop-Up-Chalk-Up? Any individual or business! There are two ways to sponsor a pop-up:


1) Become a sponsor by reserving a private Chalk N' Roll Art Experience or Chalk N' Roll Birthday Party package. The Community Pop-Up-Chalk-Up sponsorship is a free bonus for you, a thank you from us, and best of all...more fun art for our community!! All sponsors receive a special "ART in your HEART" thank you gift (pictured below) and will be named and honored on social media as a Pop-Up-Chalk-Up sponsor (unless they choose to remain anonymous). 

2) Sponsor JUST a Community Pop-Up-Chalk-Up at a special rate (no private rental). Receive an "ART in your HEART" magnet and heart chalk charm (pictured here) plus the social media shoutout as a thank you. 

Note: Sponsors choose location, date, and time (based on availability) 

*Color of q-tip eraser and car-shaped/heart-shaped chalks will vary.